Financial Planning

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It is important to have a financial plan to protect your family. There are several components to a financial plan.

Our office helps you put together a financial plan that includes, retirement planning, asset allocation, 401K review, college savings and college financial planning, insurance review and estate planning. We work with you to design a customized plan that is best suited for you and your family.

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Financial Planning for Widows and Older Women

Many older women do not have experience handling their finances, preferring to leave the task to their husbands or to someone else.  The problem occurs when the husband or friend dies and then where does the widow or friend go for help?  Too often, a widow or older woman goes to a lawyer or financial advisor and is told what to do and is treated as if she cannot think for herself. Attorney Spring, through her own personal family experience,  understands the difficulties faced by widows and older  women who lack the financial and legal knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions to ensure a comfortable future for themselves.  Our office can help you set up a budget; receive all the benefits you are entitled to as a widow including your husband’s IRA, 401K, and military pension, if applicable; and we make sure you are in the appropriate low risk investments, that will provide you with additional income. In brief, we can help you with all your financial needs and we are happy to explain everything to you so that, in time, you feel comfortable making your own financial decisions.

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